our mission our mission

Nature+science for people

Miracle creation for life and the environment globally.
The goal is to research and develop products that
can be used effectively for a healthier and safer world.

BiSCaO is a unique natural occurring pure CaO (calcined shell calcium oxide)
specially developed by PLUS LAB Co.,Ltd. PLUS LAB’s research and development
is a Miracle Idea + (plus) or MI+.
The result of MI+ is revolutionary "BiSCaO", a series of highly specialized,
high-performance sterilization and detoxification products which are safe for humans,
animals and the environment. BiSCaO products are developed for Japan and worldwide,
benefiting all humanity.

BiSCaO concept

Promotion of natural
purification and
of various pathogens and
human-generated pollutants.* BiSCaO products and processes are patented.


BiSCaO has a strong sterilizing and deodorizing effect
even at low temperatures (below 5°C).
Cleaning and detoxification of agricultural chemicals, detoxification of
drugs and toxic gases. Strong inactivation of various viruses, bacteria and
super resistant bacteria. Effective in cleaning and maintaining freshness of
fresh foods. Effective in treatment of wounds and helping wounds heal faster.
“ BiSCaO - making harmful things harmless”.
BiSCaO is an additive designated by the Minister of Health,Labor and
Welfare under Article 10 of the Food Sanitation Law of Japan.

Research and Development
our team our team

Scientists in various specialist fields
continuously research and develop.
Contributes to global
environmental conservation.

Centered on “MI+ Laboratory, the research and development department of
PLUS LAB Co.,Ltd. team “Team MI+ : R&D” is a team of professional
scientists from various fields.
We will conduct further research and development on the theme of
“Nature + science for people + environment”